The FOUETTE brand includes a plenty range of air fresheners. Each line of fresheners is made on the basis of different materials - foam filler, gel balls and granules, liquid (hanging fresheners, with a membrane or in bottles), also the freshener can be in a spray bottle or membrane container. Fresheners can be fixed on a rear-view mirror, on a panel or deflector, also can be placed under the seat. Each fragrance has a special reusable tester, thus each aroma can be smelled before buying. All fragrances are resistant to temperature changes - both to heat and frost, and aroma-compositions are developed by professional perfumers.

Fouette, LLC works under licence of American company Fouette, Inc. and creates different automobile air fresheners. The wide range of their fragrance collections includes both classic aromas and newly developed ones. All fragrances are produced by qualified personnel on a modern equipment with a special quality control at all production stages.

Fouette, LLC