FORUMHOUSE brand, that is known as a same named web-site, centered around suburban house-building and country life, decided to launch its own product line of building and finishing materials. FORUMHOUSE trademark will include all types of best value-for-money goods, essential for houses construction. Forming up of a product line is supposed to begin with decorative and protective paints, waterproofing, wood impregnation, mastic for stoves and fireplaces, fire protection, as well as building gloves and suits.

FORUMHOUSE is the most popular and reputable web-site in Russia, that is dedicated to houses building and country life. Every month, the site is visited by more than 3 million people who view more than 30 million pages. At FORUMHOUSE anyone can find answers to any questions and issues related to life in the own home, from the building of country house or cottage to landscape design, both from professionals and amateurs, as well as to find relevant specialists. The web-site always leads in all online ratings in the category of Construction and Renovation.


«We reatly appreciate the work you've done for us, your efficiency, accuracy and very comfortable communication. We plan to expand the product line and continue our mutual cooperation» - Irina Mamedova, FORUMHOUSE, LLC