Black and green teas with berries and herbs are the particular hall-mark of the Floris brand, that completely controls the process of creating their tea, from the purchase of raw materials to the packaging of finished products. For the production of tea blends, only natural Crimean flowers, herbs and berries are used, and a varied tea taste palette is achieved solely by combining these components, without any additives, flavors or dyes. Because of a wide variety of Crimean herbs and wild grasses, Floris managed to create an extensive range of natural herbal teas - refreshing, toning, and calming, and many other blends.

The Crimean tea company Floris is a tea manufacturer with a full production cycle. Floris produces natural herbs tea without any flavors and dyes, and also works as a contract manufacturer, producing and packing tea blends under customers' own trademarks.

In 2011, the range of Floris consisted of only 6 names of herbal tea blends, and by 2018 - of 100 names not only of herbal tea, but also of black and green, blended with natural herbs and berries. The company owns several trademarks, such as the souvenir brand Legends of Crimea and Easy Bits - Turkish Delight with various fillings. The product range is regularly enlarged with various gift sets.

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