Recipes of Power - that's a brand of ready-made meat dishes in a handy packaging, that suits the whole family. For the moment brand range includes 5 sku, differing in recipes and ingredients. Products of the brand are produced in Serbia. Dish recipes are unique and made only from selected ingredients, production line undergo multistage quality control. The packaging is easy to use, heat and handle.

Taste Technology, LLC is a newcomer in ready-made meals market. Their own innovative production line of the flagship ready-made non-frozen meat meals is located in Serbia. Products are sold under Receipts of Power brand.

Taste Technology, LLC

«We'd like to thank you very much for the professionally done work. We ordered packaging design + 3d version and promo-stand creation. And we're really crazy about the work you've done. That’s exactly the thing we needed. You’re very friendly and responsive, always having an original approach to delivering our thoughts. So now we know, where we can come with our needs» - Eugeny Vanyakin, Taste Technology, LLC.