Kaerus is only about 100% natural tea and herbs, only eco-ingredients, with no means of flavourings, colorants and plants genetic modifications. Both tea and herbs that are used by Kaerus are produced in Russia - the world's northen tea is growed in Dagomys, and herbs for blends are harvested in Siberia.

KAERUS brand is owned by Russian production group, established in 2010. The company mainly focuses on harvesting and handling endemic herbs of Far Eastern and Siberian taiga forests, producing goods under Kaerus brand, and B2B, store brand and private label supplies.

Impuls, LLC

"It could be said completely fairly - the quality of work is very high. And we really like the result. We were pleased by very responsible attitude to our thoughts and needs, even when we exceeded the frames of our contract. We can feel the style of the work and it’s worth the cost. The best valuation that I can give is our desire to continue our joint works of product line developing and firmly recommendation to our partners" - Denis Shappo, Impuls, LLC