Earth Roastery applied to us with a request on designing new packaging labels for the wide range of coffee they supply, and also on creating of leaflets-instructions re brewing coffee on various equipment. Working on the packaging shifted to creation of a completely new brand identity and company logo rebranding.

Earth Roastery is a private roastery company located in Kuwait. The geography of coffee plantations where they buy coffee is limited only by the Earth size, Earth Roastery sells coffee from the worldwide, from Panama to Brazil, from Columbia to Uganda. Except managing the roastery process, Earth Roastery also sells various coffee equipment for usual and alternative coffee brewing methods.

Earth Roastery, LLC

«We've really enjoyed working with you, you're very creative, attentive and responsible. Now we think about printing the whole package and not only labels, and we’d like to work with you again.» - Daria Alfahad, Earth Roastery