TARCOS Brewery was created by a team of specialists from all over the world. Due to the modern equipment and strong supervision at all production stages, the quality of the product is at the highest level. The brewing is made only from the freshest natural ingredients, as the company purchases them directly from manufacturers. The malt comes from the Black Earth region and German Weyermann malt-house, hops from the German region of Hallertau and the Czech ┼Żatec region, American hops is used for the varieties with strong hopping, juices and fruit purees are purchased from local farmers, and the water comes from own artesian water wells. The widest range of beers includes premium, medium and democratic segments - there're light and dark beers, filtered and unfiltered, classic, fruity and experimental ones, made by hystorical reciepts and stylized to the specifics of different countries, with all kinds of taste accents, etc.

The history of the company started in 2003 when one of the first Russian private breweries was opened in Voronezh, and it specialized on the brewery receipts of German, Czezh and Swiss brewing masters. In 2009 the company started production in the Maslovsky site, under the RUGEN brand. And in 2019 it was decided to switch the brand to the new one and start brewing beer under the name of TARKOS brewery.

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